On my post 2020 Personal Goals I shared the below goal.

Goal: Start a personal blog and publish on it instead of closed platforms that pretend to be open. Republish all my previous content from offline copies of my blog and other platforms I have posted on.

I touched a little on why I wanted to do this rather than using a platform like medium where I originally shared that blog post. I think medium is fantastic, the barrier to entry on publishing content is so low any one can do it, which means people who wouldn't normally share things now do.

I love the style of Medium too which is why I opted to use Ghost as my platform, it has a similar feel of simplicity while giving me total control over the content and how it is served.

My issue with medium is that I don't own it and the T&C's can change at a whims notice whether I like it or not.

Scott Hanselman says your words are wasted on public platforms and I agree.