I am a black belt in Tsundoku

I am a black belt in Tsundoku

I read a lot of books, one every two weeks is the norm for me. Currently I am reading Mindset by Carol S. Dweck,  it is one I will finish has it has promise in developing my own mindset  further, but more importantly to me right now is the mindset of my  children. I’ll write up my thoughts on it when I have finished.

Rarely I read fiction but I do read a few, The Martian by Andy Weir is  my most recent and it was excellent. Obviously it was better than the  movie as books typically are, and the movie was really good. I recommend  both. Next up will be Armada which is the sequel to the outstanding Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, all technology geeks should read this book, I cannot recommend it enough.

I purchase way more than I actually  read, it has previously filled me with guilt that they go on shelves (or  digital shelves) unread or only partially read. The Japanese call it Tsundoku which means ‘stacked readings’ – books you have bought but haven’t  read. I am self certified black belt in Tsundoku, which sounds awesome,  even though it’s not.

It’s ok though, I spend money on far  more silly things than books, like coffee and magazines, and the reason I  don’t finish a few is they are boring to me and that’s ok too, I simply  do not connect with the author, others in my family may though.

I love to learn and it’s far better  to ditch a book and pick up another one you enjoy, rather than force  reading something you don’t enjoy. Enjoyability means the experience is  one I want to remember and therefore the material is going to stick much  better.

So if you are like me and want to  read even more, don’t be hard on yourself, set a target of how often you  read a book and don’t couple this with how often you buy a book, I  learned this last year and my read count increased significantly.

Happy reading.