As a fastidious technology geek person I have tried to use many task management systems including Wunderlist, Trello, RTM, Todo.txt and many others.

The reality is these systems are not acceptable to use in every  environment I find myself in. To be pulling out a phone or laptop when  in meetings, 1:1’s, on planes or trains is just not always possible  either from a professional, social or energy perspective.

Paper based systems have always frustrated me, either I am writing things on sticky notes or in Moleskine’s (which I love) but often find myself fragmenting tasks all over the place. I have tried Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done system along with many others, but these systems assume I have  everything either in files and folders somewhere, or a digital  representation of my life logged.

Enter the Bullet Journal which I am absolutely loving, excellent work Ryder Carroll and what a great site too. A single book now gives me everything I need  everywhere I go. It is structured in a way that now makes perfect sense  to me. I have added a few tweaks to the system for my personal usage  such as signifiers and leaving an extra 2 blank pages for the index but  other than that the system is unchanged.

I urge you to watch this video if any of the frustrations detailed  above resonate with you too. I will be converting this system to be my  primary system from now on.